ruby smith

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“Ruby is one of the nicest people I ever got to work with in this industry. She is incredibly reliable, supportive, and brilliant at what she does. Before mixing my first song with her, I didn’t know how much of an impact an amazing mix can have on a song. It’s still mind-blowing to me and I cant recommend working with Ruby enough.”

- Vivi Thill

"Working with Ruby could not have been easier. Her attention to detail whether it was recording vocals, a live session or mixing was amazing. She offers great advice and really cares about what the artist is aiming for. Would highly recommend!"

- Freddie Dickson

"I had the most amazing experience working with Ruby in London. She engineered the whole vocal session by herself. She was kind, competent at her craft, patient, invested in my song and gave really practical feedback when asked. She was so prompt sending stems over and so easy for my team to communicate with in the following weeks. I was so happy with the end vocals and would highly recommend working with her!"

- Kota Banks (NLV Records, Sony)

"Ruby is a brilliant producer, engineer and musician. She employs a high attention to detail, natural intuition and a thorough understanding of differing artists needs. From a studio environment to the live stage, I always find her a reassuring figure who is constantly one step ahead of the game, often completing tasks before you've even thought of asking her. She is great fun to work with - every session has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience where I have felt at ease to explore ideas and develop my creative vision. Ruby is also patient and always happy to answer questions - qualities that I really value in a producer, engineer and collaborator.

- Austel